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Ms James


My lovely friend who came down after my stroke, we did a shoot so I could see if I still had what it takes to shoot.  A little rust, but I was able to take hope for my future after seeing how the shoot went.


Latina Angel


Now in her thirty’s and wife and mother.  Long time has passed and she too has talked about getting in front of my camera once again.  We’ll see, but even the idea that she’d come again is great.


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My lovely friend Esperanza, akin to a blonde tornado she has been in my photographic life for many years.  First came to me at age 22, she has always been a very private person, unless she isn’t.


My Work LA No C


You know sometimes you meet an old soul trapped for now in a young body, and you must help them.  Came into my world with a portfolio of shots of her crotch, and an attitude.  Just 18 and living life in the fast lane, working at a strip club.  Over time I really wanted to help this girl to see there was another path that was better for her.  Now 30 with a husband and a sweet young girl of her own, life is made.  She says next time she is down she’ll get in front of my camera again.

The Lovely Ms. James

Ms. James


After the stroke in 2005, I found out quite quickly that I could not longer shoot the commercial grip & grins anymore. I just didn’t have the stamina to stand for two (2) hours plus. While reloading at a political shoot, I had to squat down, and if there hadn’t been a piano so I could pull myself up, I was in trouble. When it came to my art, I was very worried that I didn’t have the eye anymore, and I worried that the stamina was going to be an issues.

Late in the 2004 I met a model who was very interesting, she was marching to the beat of a different drummer only she could hear, so we became fast friend’s. She offer to pose for me, and in 2007 I took her up on her offer, to see what I could or couldn’t do. Though there were limitations to my shooting, things I should have remembered, but didn’t…, the session went really well and among others I got this lovely image.