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Ms James


My lovely friend who came down after my stroke, we did a shoot so I could see if I still had what it takes to shoot.  A little rust, but I was able to take hope for my future after seeing how the shoot went.

Churchyard Fence


Cross Processed film all the way!  I had to talk really well to capture this young lady.  Shot at Onion Creek, Texas on a family plot in the woods.  Started of well, got good images, but I gave her some advice that didn’t sit too well.  She said, ” I already have a dad!”…, ouch!

Latina Angel


Easily my youngest and most vulnerable model ever.  After getting comfortable with each other, we settled to the business of art.  That small chip she carried on her shoulders fell off, and she began to trust me.  After the session when I showed her what I had gotten, she turned to me and said this like “real art”.  I told her there was a difference to working with me, I have your back still.

UnKnown l


It just broke my heart went a model I’d work with refused to see what we created.  This woman had decided before hand that she wasn’t getting nude, no way, no how.  I pleaded with to no avail, her mind was made up; she never saw what we accomplished.