Month: December 2016




For the women who wants something explicit for that special someone, but still wants classy.


UnKnown l


It just broke my heart went a model I’d work with refused to see what we created.  This woman had decided before hand that she wasn’t getting nude, no way, no how.  I pleaded with to no avail, her mind was made up; she never saw what we accomplished.



From way back in 2004, fresh as the day it was shot.  A good model, and one of the few who could move, hold a pose, and had the ability to play.  Always a plus in my book.



Taken at the King William Fair in San Antonio, Tx in around 1995.  Traditional film and processing of high speed film, shot on the street with no special lighting.  I love this shot in the series on the fair and the colorful events.  Stay tuned!

My story:

Each little star is nurtured and protected on the vine-like colored coils of light.  As they mature, and grow a ribbon slowly descend and guide each individual star as its launched into space, the ribbon snaps back, the ribbon curls…., slowly  over time the ribbons unfurl, their tension is dissipated…, they flutter in the space breeze looking for their own individual star somewhere out there shooting across the sky.