Latina Angel

I met this young lady when she was eighteen (18) and she was a little toughie.  When she came to pose for me, as she came out of the bathroom in the cutest short bathrobe she was smoking up a storm.  She sat on the stool, foot jiggling to beat the band and she read me the ground-rules for the shoot starting with ” you do not ask me any personal questions”.  And as she blew smoke and went on for what seems like five minutes, but finally stopped and asked ” any questions? ”

Yeah I said ” do you get nekked? “.  She smiled and tossed her bathrobe in the corner and looked at me like ” feast your eyes on this”.  I looked at her sweet little body and said ” naw lets get you into a dress”.  At moment we understood each other and became fast friends.

MV Logo L.A.


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